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Our life-changing experience will have you walking out with the best hair of your life.

Austin, Texas Luxury Hair Extensions

When properly installed, the extensions of today create zero damage to your scalp or hair environment. In fact most clients can’t believe how quickly their natural hair grows once wearing extensions.

Yes…extensions add length, volume, body and fullness to the hair, but you may not know that extensions also absorb natural oils and hold curl. The average person who wears extensions can go an extra 2-3 days between shampooing their hair because the hair installed craves moisture and natural oils just as much as your own hair does! Therefore the extensions absorb the oil you produce in an effort to self maintain.

Extensions also hold your style longer than natural hair-even hair that is super straight. This means you get to wake up and brush your hair for a quick refresh and head out the door, saving you valuable time and giving your hair a break from harsh tools.

Volume. Length. Health. Comfort. Ease. Confidence.

There are many types of extensions available, but not all are created equal. With 17 years experience not only installing extensions but wearing extensions myself it is of utmost importance to me to only utilize methods that don’t create damage to the hair or scalp as well as offer the best quality hair available. With proper care extensions can be re-used for up to 2 years.

Installing the safest & hightest quality extension methods

1. APPLY  |  Fill out the extensions application.

2. SCHEDULE  |  I will be in touch within 48 hours to schedule an in-person consultation.

3. CONSULT  |  Discuss time & monetary investment of the initial install & maintenance.

4. BOOK  |  Your 50% deposit will book your appointment, with the remainder due at install appointment.

I'll help you feel fully confident going in.

How to get started

I am so excited for you to take your first step toward the hair you have always wanted. At your consultation you can expect to discuss color, length, and density for your ideal style. As your stylist I will be able to asses your hair's texture and condition, help you determine your personal hair goals, and put together a plan to help you feel empowered through your new style.

Emily H.

"Lauren did phenomenal work on my color and hair extensions. I feel like a whole new woman. I have dreamed of thick beautiful locks my whole life. Lauren made that dream come true and now I have the hair I’ve always wanted. She blended my color perfectly into the extensions and no one knows I have them. It all looks beautiful! Thank you!!”

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Extensions Care Guide

Extensions Application

every 6-12 weeks
3+ hour appointment
starts at $250

Re-install appointment to keep your extensions comfortable & invisible.

To Maintain

2+ rows of extensions
4+ hour appointment
starts at $1500

Add length to your hair with the added bonus of fullness.

For Length

1 Row of extensions
2+ hour appointment
starts at $800

Your current length, pumped up with volume and fullness.

For Volume

Extensions Investment

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